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Welcome to the Aviator's Loft website, the colony of Racing pigeons of Martial Maindrelle.

As you can read on the "History" page, I have been a fancier since 1992. I used to play together with my father in the early years.

From 2002 to 2004, I played at my home in a loft from the DUMOVA company, which housed racers (classic widowhood), Breeders and Youngbirds.

I took a break between 2004 and August 2009 to take over the farm, and the goal for 2010 was to play youngsters in the Championships of the Combine of Calvados in the Third French region.

The breeders are now in a protected building that houses 17 couples. More information on our breeders can be found under "Reproducteurs". At the moment, the dovecote garden is exclusively preserved for the Game.

In the "nlog" section, I will provide information on the day-to-day running of the colony. ( in french )

My main achievements will be published on the "Résultats" page.

We play in the Combine of Calvados, which is part of the Third Region. The radius is about 100 km x 50km. The pigeons quickly have to take the right decision to come home early. The slightest deviation results in several penalty minutes. We play Speed races (300km on average), middle distance races (400-550km) and One day long distance races (650-900km)

Thank you for visiting our website and enjoy reading.

M. Maindrelle

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